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Arrangements for peaceful vigils against anti-Catholic marches, Saturday 18th September, 2021


Sheriff Reid Judgement 2019

“… a single-minded concentration on the pursuit of fundamental rights…to the exclusion of the interests of the wider public might be subversive of the ideal of tolerant European liberal democracies. The fundamental rights of individuals are of supreme importance, but those rights are not unlimited…”

Date: Saturday 18th of September:

· St. Benedict’s in Easterhouse at 8:15am (Pavement outside - Westerhouse Road)

· Blessed John Dun Scotus in the Gorbals at 2:00pm (Pavement Outside – Ballater Street)

Call It Out are calling on all Glasgow citizens, trade unionists, anti-racists, equality campaigners and those opposed to egregious manifestations of anti-Catholic hatred to join us in peaceful protest in response to the imposition of these marches by anti-Catholic organisations. 34 marches will take place across Glasgow.

CIO and other citizens requested that 3 anti-Catholic marches make minor detours to avoid passing Catholic Churches. This was a fair, proportionate, and human rights-based request that would have balanced the rights of all including anti-Catholic organisations.

Once again however Glasgow City Council and the Police Service of Scotland have ignored these calls and failed in their statutory obligation to consider or give equal weight to the human rights of Catholics and ultimately protect Catholics and Catholic places of worship from:

“..a form and manner of expression that can reasonably be interpreted as hostile and antagonistic...imbued with the notion of intimidation, provocation and implicit attack, having effect (if not calculated) to cause alarm and fear”. Sheriff Reid 2019

We look forward to your support on the day.

Finally, we remind all attendees that we remain amid a pandemic and recommend that attendees do a lateral flow test before attending and respect mask and social distancing measures where required.


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