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Online Supporters' Meeting - get registered!

There will be an online supporters' meeting of Call it Out on Tuesday of next week (9th November) at 7pm. In order to attend you must register with Eventbrite HERE

We have a number of updates for supporters and some decisions to make around our various strands of work in education, contact with the Scottish Government and the Police Service of Scotland.

As you will know from our social media accounts there will be yet more anti-Catholic marches taking place in November which pass Churches. There seems to be a worrying trend towards timing these marches to coincide with Mass times. The meeting will discuss this issue.

We have also received a response to our request for a meeting with the First Minster and with the Chief Constable which we will report on at the meeting.

There are some matters to discuss around the Irish community's input to the decolonising the curriculum agenda and we need to discuss that also.

We have resolved the issues which prevented more than 100 people joining our last meeting so hopefully things will work smoothly this time!

Hope to see you all there.


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